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Anthony Franze Credit Kristina SherkAnthony Franze, author and lawyer who’s represented clients in nearly 40 cases before the Supreme Court, shares his five favorite Supreme Court mysteries.

Online Exclusive
Dick Lochte

 the saint w haloLeslie Charteris and The Saint the first in an ongoing series about classic sleuths reappearing in new media formats


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Hester Young on Reading

"Books were never embarrassed by my questions, never condescending or superior as they informed me of the workings of the world."

Ausma Zehanat Khan

"In her Detective Esa Khattak novels—set in Toronto—Khan shows the struggles of a devout Muslim living and working in a secular world.

James Rollins on the Works of Richard Adams

“A recent study in Scientific American showed that reading fiction is shown to improve empathy in readers, and that was certainly true for me upon reading Watership Down, by Robert Adams....”

Hank Phillippi Ryan: Confessions of a Lifelong Reader

Now it can be told. Now that time has passed, it is safe to reveal the secrets of my reading life. Say no more? Well, no. I’ll confess. Here are the pivotal moments, the surreptitious activities, the Cold War fears, the binges, and two outright deceptions.

My Book: a Theory About Thrillers

David Morrell's tale of the crypt

Riders on the Storm: Ed Gorman’s Sam McCain Novels

A small-town hero with a big heart, Sam McCain is living through tumultuous times in Ed Gorman’s distinguished series of novels set in America’s Midwest from the late 1950s to the early 1970s.

My Book: a Boy and His Hound

Every other year or so, my father would pull his worn copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes from the shelf and read it cover to cover.... There had to be something special between those frayed covers.